Best Alternatives to Audible Audio Books App

The world we live in today is hyper-active. Everybody is in a hurry, the time is always short, the schedule is always tight and we don’t have time to get in a setting to read physical books. That’s when audiobooks play their magic.

You can read a book without reading a book. You can complete a chapter while you’re working out, cleaning your space, or even cooking a meal which wouldn’t have been possible if that wasn’t for the internet to become mature and enable the invention of audiobooks.

Having said that, you might need a stable internet connection like Windstream Internet to stream your favorite audiobooks endlessly. It offers supreme reliability and an expansive network of Free unlimited Wi-Fi hotspots so, there’s no stopping your listening even on the go.

Anyways, Don Katz, founder of Audible, is termed as the pioneer of audiobooks. He swooped in at the right time with his mobile audiobook app Audible which has the biggest market share. However, users might not be a fan of the app as it offers valuable features only with their premium plan that costs around $15.

So, here we are with a list of the best alternatives to the Audible audiobook app.


An app that is just not limited to audiobooks but a wide variety of audio content like podcasts, publications from renowned publishers, and non-audio eBooks if you prefer to read sometimes. One of the pros of Scribd is that with your paid plan you can get access to unlimited monthly titles.

With over two million titles the app has a massive library of never-ending content. If you are a fan of original content then Scribd also offers Scribd-exclusive audiobooks produced by its own content department and it’s good.

Not to forget, if you are a writer then you can access Scribd’s self-publishing feature and publish your original content.

We talked about the good, now it’s time to talk about the downsides. The app has limited access so, if you are planning a vacation to a different country then you might not access the app. Also, the app doesn’t own the titles.

The app is another good alternative to Audible as it offers an expansive library of over 300k books along with other audio content like podcasts and meditations.

You have to pay $14.95 to access two books in the first month, one from the VIP section and the other from the regular catalog. That was just for the first month, later you can select any additional book if you are done with both for the month.

The app is available for both Android and iOS. It offers 10k books for free out of the 300k library.

Now, let’s circle into the cons of the app. For each purchase, you have to pay extra as there is no free content which adds up to a high cost if you want to listen more.

Users can face some hiccups while streaming books offline. So, make sure to keep both, the good and the bad in mind before making a purchase.

Kobo Books

A Japanese-sounding app name that has a gigantic library of 5 million titles. The app includes both eBooks and audiobooks but it’s not limited to that as it includes podcasts like its other counterparts. The app enables users to pick up from where they left off on another device.

The app is great for eBook readers as it offers ideal optimization for reading like adjusting to the day and night, variable font sizes, and a built-in dictionary among others.

The prices start from just under $10 a month in which you can get one audiobook and later you can purchase more if you want.

Like others, Kobo Books has some downsides too. The content can vary by location. The app can be a bit of a hassle for iOS as it is more compatible with Android.

Google Play Books

A no-brainer for the comic and manga fanatics. It offers an enormous catalog of comic books along with other eBooks and audiobooks.

One of the best things about Google Play Books is that it’s free. You can just check the title in detail and purchase only if you like it. And for each purchase, you’ll get the credits that you can redeem later.

The title can be downloaded on this app along with the usual streaming. The app makes personalized recommendations based on your listening history. And not to forget, you can get discounts on the hot favorite titles.

Anyhow, you’ll be lucky if Google Play Books works on your device because it accompanies some compatibility issues. For example, there are some problems when playing it on a Chromebook.

Summing Up

For sure, Audio Books are a great way to learn more or listen to your favorite authors while running your errands. But some apps might suit you more while some will not. So, make sure to weigh out thoroughly to get the membership of the app that is best for you.

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