Top 3D Printer Filament Brands

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3D printing has exploded in popularity in recent years. The global 3D printing market is projected to reach $34.8 billion by 2024. As demand grows, the market for 3D printer filaments has also expanded rapidly. This growth has led several 3D printer filament manufacturers grow to a important players in the 3D printing industry. For companies and individuals looking to purchase filament, costs and value are key factors. In this article, we analyze the top filament brands in the market. 


SUNLU holds the largest market share in the 3D printer filament market. They offer a wide range of materials including PLA, PLA+, PETG, ABS, TPU, ASA, and specialty PLA Filament like wood PLA and marble PLA. SUNLU also produces some high-end modified PLA and other thermoplastic polyester filaments include. They are also a major player in the 3D printer resin market.

SUNLU filament provides excellent quality at affordable prices. Their range of PLA, PETG, and other materials deliver consistent, reliable prints at budget-friendly costs. Their 1KG spools go for $15-25, making SUNLU one of the most cost-effective options. The low pricing doesn’t sacrifice quality – SUNLU receives high marks for print performance. For budget-minded makers and enterprises, SUNLU offers outstanding value.


Overture has found great success selling 3D printer filament on Amazon, which accounts for most of their sales. They offer a decent selection of materials including PLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, and specialty options. While not as extensive as some competitors, their catalog covers most common needs.

Overture’s pricing is competitive, with 1KG PLA spools starting around $18-20. In this commoditized market, buyers are highly price sensitive. Overture’s budget pricing gives them strong value proposition. As more casual makers adopt 3D printing, Overture is well positioned to benefit.


As a premium brand, Polymaker commands higher prices from $25-50 per kg depending on the material. This positions them alongside other high-end options like Matterhackers Pro Series, ColorFabb, and Push Plastic. Polymaker has carved out a niche supplying advanced materials to makers and enterprises focused on print quality.

Polymaker materials consistently deliver exceptional quality and reliable prints. Their proprietary formulations like Polymaker’s CoPA nylon and ASA produce incredibly smooth, accurate, strong prints. Innovative materials like Polywood and Polyflex expand the possibilities of 3D printing.


eSUN focuses firmly on the budget filament segment, with 1KG spools ranging from $16-22. Alongside Overture and Hatchbox, they cater to makers and businesses focused on cost savings. Though not a premium brand, eSUN’s market share has expanded considerably based on its value proposition.

While inexpensive, eSUN filaments perform better than their low pricing suggests. Print quality falls short of premium brands but meets expectations for the price range. For makers and businesses purely focused on cost, eSUN provides surprisingly good value.


Hatchbox is a USA-based 3D printer filament manufacturer. For those prioritizing consistency and reliability, Hatchbox is a top choice. Their focus on quality control means uniformly reliable prints, batch after batch. Though slightly more expensive than Sunlu at $22-35 per KG, you’re paying for peace of mind. Hatchbox’s dialed-in processes minimize wasted prints and filament. For businesses and users focused on output, Hatchbox’s consistency is worth the small premium. 


At the high end, Polyalchemy filaments produce exceptionally smooth, vivid prints. Specialty blends like silk give prints a premium, glossy finish. Expect to pay $40-50+ per KG. Polyalchemy is ideal for artistic projects, bespoke manufacturing, and applications where appearance matters. For high-margin businesses, the improved aesthetics can justify the costs.


The world of 3D printing continues to grow rapidly. As the market and applications expand, 3D printer filament choice becomes more important. Understanding the cost-benefit trade-offs between brands like Sunlu, Hatchbox, and Polyalchemy is key to optimizing your 3D printing process.

Different brands target different markets and needs. For affordability, SUNLU is a leading choice. On the high-end, Polymaker and Polyalchemy offer premium materials focused on maximizing print quality and appearance. Accordingly, their market share is smaller.The right filament ultimately depends on the priorities and needs of the user. Factors like order volumes, applications, and acceptable print quality play a role in selecting the ideal 3D printer filament.

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