7 Statement-Making Karastan Rugs That Wow

7 Statement-Making Karastan Rugs That Wow

Karastan Rugs are world-renowned and have a very unique rustic elegance to them. This elegance comes from the fact that they are created with the help of expert craftsmanship, have unmatched quality, and are made with the most eclectic patterns and dreamy designs. It is a luxury bestowed on every strand of fabric, that is contemporary yet unparalleled. Hence, in this vlog, we will introduce you to 7 Statement-Making Karastan Rugs That Wow, by Rugs and Home.

1.  Elements Kasbar Spice Rug

We have a bestseller starting our roster of statement-making Karastan Rugs, the Elements Kasbar Spice Rug. it is a vibrant rug made with a color pattern of boho chic red, turquoise blue, and a neutral tan, with a hint of a crisp white illuminate. It exuberates timeless elegance with such a diverse pattern or rich hues. With superior stain resistance and a perfect strong quality build, it is a perfect choice for an area rug.

2.  Rendition Adras Blue Teal Rug

Though it is inspired by vintage heirloom artistry, it has a modish-chic vibe that is contemporary yet highly sophisticated. Made with high modern design craftsmanship, it is one of the best out there for someone who is looking to make their home into a passage of luxury. It is blended with the finest quality of fabrics and is a site to witness. This is an idealistically perfect rug that will look wonderful and timeless, providing a dream vibe.

3.  Elements Compose Charcoal Rugs

When it comes to luxurious comfort and modern aesthetics, this rug is what checks all the tickmarks on the checklist. With the sleek lines and such beautiful tribal and industrial designs, it is a brilliant creation. It exudes excellent stain resistance and strong durability. This rug is ideal for the living room, bedrooms, decorative wall hangings and so much more.

4.  Bespoke Soigne Rug

Neutral colors look so versatile that they can go with any home decor look. Whether it is traditional, casual, or rustic home style, a Bespoke Soigne Rug has the most beautiful hues of grey, beige, purple and so many more neutral colors. It is an Artisan hand-knotted rug, with extreme craftsmanship and a blend of luxurious wool and silk yarn. It is the perfect rug to complement and beautify your home decor.

5.  Zephyr Rotorua Soot Rug

This is a globally inspired design crafted with the finest materials which in return offer plush softness and durability. With its dark black ambiance, beige patterns, and hints of honey mustard yellow. It is a work of art that enhances beauty and increases the tastefulness of your home decor. It adds a touch of modern chic with the hardcore vibe of Peaky Blinders, perfect for the pop of vibrancy in your minimalistic home design.

6.  Titanium Regency Charcoal Rug

It is a rug filled with traditional and transitional patterns. This rug screams royalty and elegance on every single yarn. Constructed with such a rich color palette of charcoal, ivory, and silver that just does not seem to disappoint. With a timeless appeal that suits every taste, this 19th-century antique Serapi-inspired carpet rises up to every situation with a glistening elegance.

7.  Paradigm Delphine Grey Rug

Another heirloom design that will never ever go out of style. With such intricate details and craftsmanship, it is meticulously designed to fit any room and make it look splendid. It showcases serenity with a Persian-inspired design hand-knotted by silk artisans. Made from highly durable and premium natural wool fiber, this Karastan Rug is one of the best additions to your home decor. 


Karastan rugs are more than just simple carpets, wall hangings, or home décor fabrics; they are made from fragments with care and silk into a work of art to provide beauty to your personal style and comfort to your house. The collection of Karastan rugs at Rugs and Home offers something and everything to everyone’s preference. With easy maintenance, high durability, and dozens of styles and patterns, this is your one-stop shop for Karastan Rugs and other home decor items. So what are you waiting for? Explore the stunning collection of Karastan rugs at Rugs and Home to make a statement, today!

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